Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nothing To Do

I have nothing to do yesterday. While waiting for my hubby to arrived at our new home, I shot some pictures to the view outside.

It's so nice isn't it? I am really looked forward to have a vacation from work to just stay at our new home and just cuddle with my husband and daughter.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Friends

A lot of my girl friends faced a decision to choose between working abroad to find a greener pasteur to support their respective family but apart from their husband and children; or to work here with lesser income but close with their family.

One friend, a nurse, chose to work abroad to earn better income to build a home of their own and left her son to her mother since her husband is also working as a seaman.

Another nurse friend, decided to work in Europe. To be with her husband and her daughter, she worked hard and petitioned them to be with her in Europe. It took only 6months. Now they are together but still struggles because of the high cost of living there. But then, she's happy for the fact that her family is intact.

Another friend, also a nurse, accepted an offer to work in a hospital in New York. While she was there, she inquire as to how much and how long can she petition her husband and her two children. She got to know that it takes atleast 5 years! What did she do? After the end of her contract, she booked herself and fly back here in the Philippines to be with her loved one. We asked her if she regret in coming back, she answered that no amount of money can be paid for her longing or for missing her family.

Do some of your friends experience the same?

All my three friends chose the path to which they believe is best and we should respect it and should never be criticized. The important thing is that they are happy and was able to adjust to the situation they are in.