Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sorry - a simple word yet difficult to say


Such a simple word but for a couple of persons such word is difficult to say. Why? Their pride is so high that they could not stoop down or just humbly admit that they are at fault.

Before, parents would never say sorry to heir respective child. Reason: that they are parents, they are older and wiser they should not say sorry to their children. Even in this modern time, we sometimes encounter such parents. But experts found out that when parents at fault learn how to say sorry to their child or children, the end result is that such children has better personality, healthy thinking and would care more.

Hurting words and actions would scratch deep into our hearts but when somebody say sorry whole heartedly the hurt will be lessen or may be extinguished and forgiveness comes next.

No matter how educated we are, what race we belong, or what status, gender and age we are, we are all made in dust and imperfect. We must admit and humbly accept we sometimes fall short or may hurt somebody.

Difficult may it be but when we practice it constantly and internalized our thinking, Sorry may come easily and whole heartedly.

Monday, September 22, 2008

As I drove our car, I saw this formation of clouds. It is as if heaven opens its gate. It was so beautiful so I grab my camera and took a picture of it and in my mind I said that I will surely post it to my blog.

If I could just reach out to it, I should have done it. Oh well, creation has so much to offer. It gives us inspiration and courage to continue living inspite of the many obstructions and hindrances in life.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Path To My Chosen Career

I once faced a problem upon choosing which course to take. Will I take education, accountancy, physical therapy or mass communication? Among my choices, I excel none of those fields. I don’t have patience to teach students; I am not good in mathematics; I can’t stand a broken limb or blood, worst a corpse; I am not so good at communicating or writing. Hayyyyyyyyyyyy!

Graduation comes and my head was still gloomy on to what course I will take. Here comes June (classes starts June in the Philippines) and I am still puzzled. My cousin told me, “Why not take engineering?” I said, “WWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT?!” I am dull in Mathematics, I hate Mathematics!” (This is a common problem up to now) But then, I don’t have a choice so I gave into him. He (my cousin) accompanied me to the only university then in our city. I enrolled for Geodetic Engineering. I met with my high school friends and they asked me what to take I told them what I was going to enroll. My close friend said, “hey, why don’t you join me in Electrical Engineering so that we can be classmates again.” She was able to convinced me and so I shifted to Electrical engineering.

The first year was tragic to me because my midterm examination in Algebra was 16 out of 100! Can you believe that!? To cut things short, I continued my course and was able to finished it in 5-year time with struggles and so much sacrifices just to passed all my subjects. I am proud to say I was one of the 23 survivors who passed out of the 146 original students.

After graduation, I enrolled one of the review centers in Cebu City for me to take the Licensure Examination for Registered Electrical Engineering. After 4 months of reviewing, I took and was able to pass the said examination. It was in 1999.

Looking back, I guess I made the right choice in choosing my path. Thanks to my friends and to my cousin who had played a key role in my career. I was able to overcome my hate toward Mathematics. Now, I was trying to inculcate to my daughter that Math is not that difficult for as long as not to hate it but try to love it despite of its complex principles. Most of all thanks to my tutor, who was so patient in teaching and explaining the different theorems and principles of Math and Engineering for me to be able to solve problems when examination comes. By the way my tutor graduated Cum Laude and . . . He turned out to be my husband. TOINK!

Monday, September 15, 2008

God's Creation - gives satisfaction

Looking at GOD's creation brings an inner peace and happiness. It gives us a different comfort
when we are down hearted.

When we are sad and blue, we usually search for peace of mind and by just looking at the horizon gives us a lift of spirit.

Looking at the natural landscape around us, gives us satisfaction and inner comfort, that our burden from within somekind had lessen. As if nature is talking and comforting us.

It gives our eyes pleasure and moves us to thank the maker of such great landscape.

Are you move to praise GOD for his wonderful creation?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Point of View

I am chatting with a friend and told me told me that she realized that she's willing to settle with something else and not with someone else. I asked her what she meant by that. She told me that she doesn't want to get married, instead wanted to pursue and marry her career. I replied that it is okey to have a career but to marry her career is a different story.

Yes, the career we pursue gives us financial stability and help us to be successful in life, however, such is temporary. Career is just temporary, in the sense that we will enjoy it while we are young or while we are young various offers are offered. Sometimes career can also be exhausted. Career can never give long lasting happiness, its full of vanity and striving after the wind. Most of all, career is not forever that we can count on if we get sick or get older.

A lot of successful persons did chose to marry their respective careers but regret later set in for they say it would be better if they had share it with someone special.

Career can be a lot interesting if we share it with someone we love. For that someone will surely be there for us inspite of the ups and downs in lives. Most of all, that someone will be ready to take good care of us if we get sick or be there to guide us even if we will reach our oblivion stage.

People in our Liives

People do come and go in our lives. Some may love and like us. Others may ignore us and some may forget us. Others may hate or despise us.

These persons had helped us to grow in life or had influence us to what kind of personality we have now. These people had taught us to be stronger and had added spice in our respective lives.
A friend of mine told me once that life is like a road. Various kinds of vehichle are running in it. There are trucks, motor bike, cars, vans, suvs and a lot more, yet, travelling in the road. Same with our life, a lot of persons came across in our path with various personalities but we all travel in the same road called life.

Life would really be empty without the interaction of other individuals for they had also molded us to be a better person.

Friday, September 5, 2008

When I decided . . .

Before other people criticized by telling me why I chose to love somebody because he's this and he's that but I never listened to them because I know deep within me, I love him. Even my parents were against him, but then I followed my heart.

7 years had passed, there were so many changes in my life but the person whom I love stayed the same. He was able to win my parent's and my sibling's approval. We eventually exchanged vows in the year 2003.

5 years had passed, we are still very much inlove with each other and was blessed with a daughter.

I can say that I chose the right path when I decided to love him, my husband, inspite of all the challenges along the way. Yes, so many factors may affect us as we journey our life's path but the bottom line is, we make our own choices.

Life Is What We Make It

Life is what we make it, that's the song being written and sang by Kenny Rogers himself, one of my favorite singers, hehehehe.

From the title itself we can really say that we chose our own path and not base upon destiny or letting other people decide of what we want in life.

Yes, other people may play a role along the way but we ourselves should decide of what we want to do in life. Other people may guide us or lead us in the right path or may try to tempt or influence us to destroy us, however, we hold the last key or the ace. We should therefore not blame other people, or worse, blame GOD for what trouble we are in, for the choices lies within us.